Sewing & Other Crafts

This is my first ort bag;
I am going to try and make a bigger one --- this one is really small!!
This is a great blog - instructions for the ort bag are in the middle of the page ----

This is my first cup organizer;
I am also going to make this a little bigger.  LOL

This is a couple wine bags I have made in the last couple months;


This is a couple pillows I just finished sewing together. 
 The cross stitching was done earlier this year.


  1. I love your ort bag! I made 3.... 2 is the same size as your ort bags. The 3rd is for my DH and it is size 12.5 when I cut out the fabric. It is bigger so he can use it to put things in it on the side of the dashboard while traveling in the RV.

    I will make more for cross-stitching friends who does not sew! LOL Fun to make, eh?


  2. Great finished projects, Carein! Great pix to look at too! I adore how crafty and stitchy you are. You just whip things up in a whim and really produce such useful and darling little things. It's obvious you're quite organized with your time and get lots done. I wish I could be around you for a day and get some hints from you. I sew, if I would just sit down and do it. Thanks for the great visit to your blog!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I have a hard time deciding how to finish a lot of my stitched pieces -- but usually if I wait long enough I will get a brain storm -- LOL.

  3. Carein, all of your work is just gorgeous; I just love the finished pillows! I promise mine will go in the mail to you soon!